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Who Are We?

Educators Platform is a leading company specifically designed to support dental hygiene educators and programs. 
We are proud to offer high-value content facilitated by leading experts in the field. Through a wide variety of exceptional offerings, we connect dental hygiene educators together to elevate one another and enhance our programs. We are proud to support educators as we believe that the quality of the dental hygiene profession is shaped by those who teach.

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LEAP 2024

- June 11, 18, 25, 2024 -

A Conference for Classroom Educators Teaching in any Dental Field! If you are new to teaching or if you would like to brush up on effective and engaging teaching strategies, this is the conference for you! 

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Ways We Can Help You


  • A number of live, virtual conferences developed to support educators in their specific roles
  • RISE - Conference for Clinic Coordinators
  • INSTRUCT – Conference for Clinic Instructors
  • LEAP – Conference for Classroom Educators


  • Masterminds are a unique medium by which a group of individuals gathers and shares challenges and ideas with the goal of individual and collective growth and development.
  • These offerings are limited to small groups to facilitate rich discussion on specific teaching subjects and topics


Leadership Development

  • DIRECT - A year-long leadership series for program directors! We hit all the major topics related to the large array of program director duties. 
  • Participants will gain knowledge and skills on how to effectively run and grow their programs and gain a close community of program directors and mentors.                          


At Educators Platform we have a team of highly qualified consultants to assist your program including:

  • Accreditation Preparation including self-study review and mock site visits
  • Initial accreditation support for new and expanding programs
  • Locum tenens staffing for temporary teaching appointments.  

Bundle Up

Educators Platform Bundles are finally here! Get your favorite programs in a convenient bundle at a discounted rate

Get our popular Masterminds in a bundle at a discounted rate. You can use your package for any 5 Masterminds in the 2024 season.


Get the Bundle (save $58)
Get our popular Masterminds and conferences in a bundle at a discounted rate. You can use your package for any 3 Masterminds and 1 conference in the 2024 season (LEAP or RISE). 
Get the Bundle (save $91)
Get our popular Masterminds and conferences in a bundle at a discounted rate. You can use your package for any 3 Masterminds and 1 INSTRUCT or ADAPT conference access in the 2024 season.
Get the Bundle (save $91)

Special Institution Bundle

This bundle was created with institutions in mind and it contains multiple different offers and multiple accesses.

  • 1 attendee at DIRECT 2024-2025
  • 15 Mastermind 2024 attendances 
  • 10 Educators Platform 2024 conference attendances (including RISE, LEAP and/or INSTRUCT)
  • Extra Bonus: if signing up for Consulting Services in 2024!
  • Price: $4134 -» $3597 USD (Savings of $537.00)
Please send an email to [email protected] to get this package!

Timetable 2024

RISE 2024 - Registration Closed

- April 11, 18, 25, 2024 -

A conference to empower and connect clinic and lab coordinators. During RISE we discuss prominent topics related to the success of these leadership roles.

ADAPT 2024 - Registration Closed

– May 22-23, 2024 –

Experience the AI Revolution in Dental Education! AI has arrived, transforming the landscape for educators and it is our time to ADAPT and be informed of the incredible capabilities this has right now. While AI discussions have circulated, the practicality of implementation remains unexplored.

LEAP 2024 - Registration Open

– June 11, 18, 25, 2024 –

An offering for didactic educators. Gain knowledge on the intricacies that go along with constructing and carrying out a successful course.

DIRECT 2024-2025 - Coming Soon

– August 2024 - July 2025 –

A 12-month leadership experience for program directors to gain high-level leadership skills, program guidance and mentorship. Engage with an exclusive group through a year long journey. If you are a new program director - here is your ticket to success. If you are a seasoned program director, here is how you can refine your craft to leave your legacy. If you are a retired or close to being a retired program director - this is your opportunity to mentor to collectively strengthen our own and our profession.

INSTRUCT 2024 - Coming Soon

– October 23-24, 2024 –

A conference for educators who teach in a clinic or lab setting. Learn successful teaching and evaluation strategies as well as cover up-to-date information relevant to our roles.

Message From the CEO

– Vicki Pizanis RDH, MS, EdD

At Educators Platform we are honored to highlight the vast knowledge and skills of dental hygiene educators and scholars through a wide variety of high-impact offerings. We look forward to continuing to collaborate, learn and grow together.

This is going to be a fantastic year of Shaping Dental Hygiene!

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